The International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) have been gaining widespread adoption globally, and are swiftly becoming the new standard for financial reporting. Despite their potential benefits, many businesses struggle to keep up with the evolving regulations while still focusing on maintaining their core business objectives. This poses a significant challenge for organizations that must ensure that their financial reporting systems are not only compliant with local legislation, but also with internationally recognized standards. However, rest assured that NGRM completely understands these difficulties. Our team of IFRS experts provide comprehensive assistance to companies, helping them to navigate through these complex regulatory requirements, supporting the updating of processes and systems, and providing relevant advice and guidance on IFRS Conversion both in national and international platforms. By leveraging our expert guidance, companies can ensure they remain compliant without compromising their core business objectives.

Services Offered

  • Providing analysis of the convergence to IFRS.
  • Conversion of local GAAP accounts to IFRS, including assistance in first time adoption of IFRS (converging from local GAAP into IFRS)
  • Review and preparation of IFRS-compliant accounting policies, pro-forma financial statements and disclosure formats.
  • Assistance in technical transitions (i.e. business combinations, mergers and acquisitions, interpretation and implementation of new IFRS standards, IPOs, etc.)
  • Assistance to clients in handling IFRS matters with auditors
  • Qualification of the impact and solutions for the implementation
  • Providing outsourced IFRS services to clients
  • Conducting IFRS trainings to external client staff
  • Assistance to the Preparation of IFRS accounting manual
  • Preparation of IFRS financial statements¬†
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