As you may be aware, companies are required to adhere to various legislations in order to operate legally and sustainably. These regulations can be quite extensive, and range from the Companies Act to specific legal requirements related to different industries and business practices. At NGRM, we understand just how complex and overwhelming it can be for companies to stay on top of all these laws, which is why we offer specialized secretarial compliance management services for corporates.

Our team of company secretaries and chartered accountants are highly knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to the various legal requirements that companies must follow. We cover important aspects of Company Law, Securities Exchange Board of India (SBI) Rules and Regulations, Labour Laws, Foreign Exchange & Management Act (FEMA), Taxation Laws, and many more.

Our comprehensive suite of services aims to ensure that our clients maintain compliance with all legal requirements. By doing so, our clients can avoid legal violations and costly penalties. It would be our pleasure to provide your company with our professional assistance, and to help you navigate the complex world of legal compliance with ease.

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