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PSARA License

The Private Security Agency Regulation Act (PSARA) is a law legislated by the Government of India to regulate private security agencies operating in the country. Under this act, all private security agencies are needed to gain a license to operate legally.

  • Eligibility: ensures that your private security agency meets the eligibility criteria set by the PSARA Act and the separate state government. 


  • Documents Preparation: Gather all the necessary documents needed for the license operation. These may include 

    •  Memorandum and Articles of Association (for companies) or Partnership Deed (for hookups) of the agency. 
    •  evidence of the address of the agency’s listed office. 
    •  Police verification report of the agency’s directors or mates. 
    •  Details of security labor force, their training records, and employment contracts. 
    •  Financial records and solvency instrument of the agency. 
    •  GST enrollment instrument. 
    •  visage card and Aadhar card of the agency’s directors or mates. 


  • Visit the Official Website: Go to the sanctioned website of the separate state’s controlling authority for private security agencies. 


  • Create an Account: If needed, produce an account on the website i.e to pierce online services. 


  • Fill Application Form: Find the online operation form for the PSARA license. Fill in all the needed details directly and upload the necessary documents. 


  • Pay Fees: Pay the specified operation freights through the available online payment options. 


  • Submit Application: Review the operation form and attached documents before submitting the operation online. 


  • Acknowledgment and Tracking: After submission, you’ll admit an acknowledgment of your operation. Note down the operation number or take a printout of the acknowledgment for future reference. You may also admit a shadowing number to check the status of your operation. 


  • Verification and Inspection: The Delhi Police Licensing Unit may conduct an examination of your agency’s demesne and corroborate the details handed in the operation. 


  • Approval and License Issuance: If your operation meets all the conditions and passes the verification process, you’ll be issued the PSARA license. The license will be either delivered to your listed office address or available for download from the online gate. 


  • Renewal: The PSARA license needs to be renewed periodically as per the applicable rules and regulations. 

Entities or individuals that fall under the following orders are needed to take a PSARA license

  • Private Security Agencies: Companies, enterprises, hookups, or any other realities furnishing security services for a figure are considered private security agencies. These agencies offer services similar to security guards, fortified guards, security labor force for events, particular security, and more. 


  • Individual Security Guards: Individuals who work as security guards or give security services directly to guests on a contractual basis must also be employed by a certified private security agency. They can not work singly without the agency’s backing. 


  • Event Security Services Providers: Entities providing security services for events, gatherings, concerts, conferences, or any similar public or private occasions are also needed to gain a PSARA license. 


  • Electronic Security Systems Providers: Companies or individualities offering services related to electronic security systems like CCTV installation, access control systems, alarm systems,etc., are frequently considered within the horizon of private security agencies and may need to gain the PSARA license. 


The Private Security Agency Regulation Act (PSARA) is a law legislated by the Government of India to regulate and govern the operations of private security agencies. It aims to insure the quality, professionalism, and responsibility of private security services handled in the country.

Any reality or individual planning to operate a private security agency, offer security services, or work as a security guard on a contractual basis must gain a PSARA license in India. 

The PSARA license covers a range of security services handled by private security agencies, including security guards, fortified guards, event security, particular security, and electronic security systems services. 

No, individuals working as security guards in India must be employed by a certified private security agency. They can not give security services singly without the backing of a licensed agency. 

To apply for a PSARA license, you need to visit the sanctioned website of the concerned state's controlling authority or the Ministry of Home Affairs( MHA) PSARA portal. produce an account, fill the online operation form, give necessary documents, pay the operation freights, and submit the operation online. 

The needed documents may include Memorandum and Articles of Association( for companies) or Partnership Deed( for hookups), evidence of address of the agency's listed office, police verification reports, details of security labor force, fiscal records, GST enrollment instrument, and visage card of the directors or mates. 

Yes, the PSARA license is valid for a specific period, generally one to five times, depending on the state's regulations. Agencies need to renew their licenses before the expiry to continue operating fairly. 

 No, the PSARA license is generally issued by the separate state's controlling authority and is valid only within that particular state.However, it needs to gain separate licenses for each state, If an agency operates in multiple countries. 

Operating a private security agency without a PSARA license is illegal and subject to penalties, including fines and implicit legal action. 

Yes, foreign companies or individuals may apply for a PSARA license in India if they meet the eligibility criteria set by the PSARA Act and the separate state government's regulations. 

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